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Tion Wayne – Homecoming Lyrics

Homecoming Lyrics – Tion Wayne

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Tch, tch
Yeah, yeah

I remember like ’03 when we couldn’t sleep until the mouse was trapped
First time I saw Oz, it was so deep, I had to shout for that
From young, I had a known dream, to bring my whole team
Man, they can vouch for that
But now I paid off my mum’s house and that
But we started in a council flat
I done a lot of fuckery, but trust me I’m a hundred, facts
I was on a jail phone, man, the first time I saw a hundred racks
It’s crazy
Was young, I listened to bare JAY-Z
I was overwhelmed in my jail cell ’cause I couldn’t believe that rap paid me
I wasn’t gonna fix up, didn’t see the picture
‘Til I had a call with Tеrry
He said, “When you come homе, ‘llow all the fuckery, bro, your life set already”
No composure, on road, had a Rover
My mistakes made me feel shitter
I thought it was over, I was all bitter but bro said “They’re chattin’ on Twitter”
I said, “No way, bro”, he said, “Yeah, bro”
“Will they wait, bro?” He said, “Yeah, though”
[?], I will never fear you
More time, it goes in and out one earhole
Yeah, tryna get my life straight from a jail
Sometimes, I really ain’t got space for a girl
Tryna have the same cake as Adele, yeah
Never came here to fail
Don’t waste trill when you came off a L
And I ain’t gon’ stop ’till my real niggas home and everybody fake’s in the jail
But let me take you back to the come-up
Mommy got ill, I was out here one-up
Daddy showed tough love, didn’t know I was on stuff, but I was just licking bare food undercover
Mummy got well, came back, but couldn’t understand how I chose this life
Called me about her dreams in the midnight, then her son went in jail for a flick knife
Cah I was smart, but I lost my mind
I think it’s when she got cancer twice
I had to roll with my grams on bike
But I’m glad I had grandma’s rice
You was wired to machine
She still phone me ’cause she had a dream
You heard what I done, how I take the scene
She still pray for me, always on my team
Then I try and live right, try and do it different
But it was too late, stuck up in the system
Me and Dyl’ got grabbed, man snitchin’
By sixteen, had bare convictions
Couldn’t get a job, but I couldn’t stay down
Decide the roads was the only way out
Every day, had to roll with flicky, man, I plug man ’cause my beef was sticky
But I love music, but didn’t choose it
I had a gift, so I might as well use it
But I had no Ps, so I had to do moves
I was intrudin’, with the wap includin’
Now the villa’s inclusive
I was tryna help my block, come straight off the roads
But a lotta man just try and hate on me though
I get it, you didn’t see the vision
Now I’m up and little niggas wanna listen
Got stabbed at my own video shoot
It’s in-house where the haters were local
I was broke, doin’ shanks with my gold tooth
Nowadays, snub nose get vocal
Didn’t rap cah caps, so they’re rotten
So I stopped rap back when I bought ’em
No I’m two-ways, Wizzy was workin’ a line but a nigga was really just hurtin’ inside
Judge steal me, we were just [?] with a [glide?]
That’s only when heard of the 9
Then I started makin’ it, I got paid for it, then my life just really started changin’, shit
Really on stage for it, is it love or are you fakin’ it?
Say I don’t know about relationships
But my beef, my team, man backin’
That’s when I went in jail, all my dreams started crashin’
But if you know me, it’s passion
Can’t believe I came home in fashion
Now, I give you something to hate on
Do you know what the fuck that I came from?
Can’t believe I got sold-out shows
God knows that I’m thankful
Went number one off my pencil
Baby, that’s my car, not a rental
Man, I’m in the charts, man, I’m thankful
This whole summer on past, it was dreadful
Man, I’m thankful
Number ones now, man, I’m thankful
Platinum tunes, now, I’m thankful
Got kicked out of school, now, I’m thankful
God knows that I’m thankful
My real one’s know that I’m thankful
Free my brothers in the system

Good morning, Jesus
Good morning, Lord
I know you come from Heaven above
The Holy Spirit sits on the throne
Good morning, Jesus
Good morning, Lord
Thank you for your son, Ayodeji Deji [Oluwa Ogame?]
Thank you, Lord, for the journey so far
Thank you, Lord, for bringing all situations, all bad situations around
For turning it around
Thank you, Lord, for the action that you have given him to continue to function
Thank you, Lord, for open doors
Thank you, Lord
I pray that everyone around him will good, will lead a life of proper
That he will impact everyone around him to lead a life of focus
To fulfill a purposeful life
In the name of Jesus