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Guardin – The Drifter Lyrics

The Drifter Lyrics – Guardin

Lost Boy Hoping
I Find My Way Home
Lost Sight Of Why I’m Here
Where The Fu*k I Should Go

One Hundred Twenty Miles From My Area Code
Spilt Whiskey On My Shirt Inside This Evergreen Home
Might Tumble Down And Fall Beneath The Thick Of The Mist
A Silhouette Sat In The Distance Comes And Swings With A Miss
I Climb Trees Just To Save Myself From What Could’ve Been
And Hide High Upon This Mountain With A Pad And A Pen

The Drifter Lives Down The Road
And If He Follows Me Home
Then I’ll Pack Everything And Lеave Till I Know
That I Am Safe Besidе My Company Although He’s Below
And Then He’ll Gut Me Like A Pig
And Leave My Bones To The Crows
And This Time I’ve Convinced Myself That I’m Gonna Die
Oh I Don’t Think That It’s Alright
But I’ll Just Pray To The Sky
I’ll Find A God In What I Sing
And Sing It Every Night
And Maybe Time Will Tell
My Story I Won’t Put Up A Fight

Cause Fear Leads Me Towards Destruction
Crippled Unable To Function
Full Of Unwanted Assumptions
Petrified By My Consumptions
Used To Hide Along The Meadow
And Now I Practice My Falsetto
I’ve Been Like This From The Get-go
I Don’t Ever Wanna Let Go

The Walls We Build Hide All The Bodies
Of Everyone Who Lives Inside Me