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DICE Lyrics – NMIXX (English Translation)

DICE Lyrics – NMIXX (English Translation)

Blink, that open eyes
my head is spinning spinning
Drama, so unimaginable
Time to shoot the first scene (go go)

Challenge, about to start
Won’t be easy
Hold on tight, babe
(Let’s go friends)

Y-e-a-h (I wanna go)
Universe, vast wide open
In between (I wanna know)
Flip the card that calls

Nope to thinking, Come on pick it
Choose from 1 through N
O.O I’m stoked
Now open it up
(What a surprise!)

Surfing over that sky
Flying through the ocean
Spread it open Are you ready?

All-in now Start it now
Daring but composed Start it

Let’s roll the Dice, ya!
Change the game inside out
Throw it, Nice shot
Destiny’s in this hand, babe

In the world open before you (yeah)
Get ready for us
So tell me what you want, where you wanna go

NMIXX, Change UP! (Let’s go)

Big wave, Big wave, don’t run away
Break it up, Break it up, face it now
Ride it, on the bigger wave
Dribble away the troubles smooth and pass it

Number higher than Perfect 10
Jump up for higher
Leave that realistic dream behind
Wake up when you’re awake, over the water Fly high

The uncharted mystical road,
So exciting, I’m so excited
Expect the unexpected babe
Would you go with me?
Let’s roll the Dice!

Diving into the clouds
Riding the waves
So what if it makes no sense No more waiting

All-in now, go all in
No need to think Go get it

Put’em up!
We go up,
Don’t fall asleep no more
You should come on board
Pick it up, not much time babe

Let’s roll the Dice, ya!
Score, we make together
Awesome, Nice shot
Number you won’t catch up

A world beyond imagination
Would you go with me?
Let’s roll the Dice!