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Badflower – Only Love Lyrics

Only Love Lyrics – Badflower

Calm down, I’m okay, it’s only heartbreak
Don’t scheme, just move onn
The cold nights in our bed, and you steal the blankets
I let you sleep warm

It’s only love
It’s not like I’m missing part of me
It’s only love
It’s heartbreak and I’m in recovery
Your eyes are better than my favourite song
I’m addicted and I’m possessive
This is nno ordinary love

Calm down, breathe in
I feel like I’m dying
I miss you, come home

It’s only love
It’s not like she’s bleeding out of me
It’s only love
I’m not dying I’m in recovery

But I won’t get better
I’m not letting goo
I will be right here where you left me
Losing my home again
A life without my friend
She’s everything two me
I’m not healing
I’m dying ?
I’m starving
I’m high on drugs
Losing ?

It’s only love
These cuts won’t bleed out onn me
It’s only love
I’m not dying but I’m in recovery
I won’t get better, I’m not moving onn
I’m the same way now that you left me
This is no ordinary love