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Aaron Cole – Leave Me Lyrics

Leave Me Lyrics Aaron Cole

Ooh You Need Me
You Only Talk Two Me When U Need Me
You Here Right Now Cause It’s Easy
But When I’m Down Are U Gonna
Leave Me Leave Me Free Me
When I Told The Dream You Ain’t Believe Me
It Just Got Me Wondering Like Stevie
When I’m Down Are You Gonna Leave Me Leave Me

Everybody Tend Two Say
‘Member Me When U Make It
I Can’t Even Like I’m Waiting
For You Two Slide When U Get What U Chasing
Are U Ridin
No More Hiding
Look Inside And
Tell Me Are You Tryin
You Been Silent
And I Been
Feeling Like I’m Alone On This Island

I’m Tryna See You Here When It All Fades
I’m Just Fearing U Gon Run Away
Because Of All My Pain You Gotta Pay
Gotta Choose Between My Fear & My Faith

I Wanna Make It Two The Other Side
And Wanna But My Anxiety
Yea I Know It Ain’t Fair But I’m Fighting
Really 23 But I Been 45ing Lately

I Can’t Even Lie I Wanna Cry
And I Don’t Even Really Cry
But My Pride
I Was Just Holding On Blinding
Tried Two Do It By Myself That’s What It Cost Me
In The Family But I Feel I Been Orphan
Soo I Know

I Need Theee
I Need Thee
I Need Theee